When the shit hits the fan; even the shitters go blue

One of the recommended feeds that google reader came with had this as the top post.

I tried to come up with something funny to go with it but I can't ... I just can't.

See for yourself

I have to wonder... The 'journalist' doing the piece - just how much must he hate his job? Does he go home and sit with a bottle of Old Monk cursing his fate? Perhaps he flings the bottle at the TV with a cry of agony when his piece comes up and watches as third rate rum drips off third grade reporting.

Or maybe just maybe he has deluded himself into thinking that it is meaningful, what he does. In which case he returns home to wife and kids with a smile on the face, glad to see them after a hard day's work. And proudly tells the kids about his day at the office while helping them with Civics homework.

We'll never know.

PS: No doubt people at PETA, etc must be taking this kind of thing seriously, but we will be two generations beyond Utopia before we care about depressed pigeons.

PPS: I have immense respect for pigeons. I have spent countless hours trying to oust a family of rent free encroachers from behind our water geyser and they know what 'I will never give up' means.


Malavika said...

What the *beep* *beep*..what the..I just can't...OK,I love my life!

Akshay said...

I guess they make up for a lack of Comedy 'Central' with interspersed comedy ...

Snehal said...

wow ! wat was dat ! ! !

mak said...

the toning of all such reporters sounds extremely similar... the daDhiwala guy on some sansani crime show started this trend i guess.

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