Legend has it ...

I sort of encountered a Legend yesterday. Not the Micheal Schumacher/Will Smith/etc. kind of legend, but an urban legend or 'Fairy Tale' as one might euphemistically refer to it. The internet is usually the kind of places where one encounters such fluff and this legend is no different. I remembered reading about this a few times, sworn testimonies of people who insisted that such a thing had happened to them. I had dismissed it as utter BS then - I mean the internet is also awash with speculation that NASA went to the moon, when everyone knows what really happened.

So having cultivated a habit of skepticism from a early age, I had dismissed this legend as something people come up with to cover up their tracks or perhaps explain something that is way beyond their level of understanding. I mean, why would anybody for whatever reasons be interested in paying me for the tooth that fell out last night. Even if someone was, I am supposed to leave it under my own pillow! Not a good place to be rummaging around if you are the anxious-not-to-be-discovered fairy types. Sometimes it expresses itself in inappropriate situations - while watching Swades, for instance. The old woman is staring at the bulb, the water starts flowing, the voltmeter needle climbs, hits 220 and lo! the bulb lights. While everyones' - old woman included - eyes were welling up, I loudly informed no one in particular that said bulb would have started glowing dimly from as low as 20V depending on its wattage. I'm not sure I deserved the nasty looks that I got. Perhaps all magic is lost on me. I wouldn't clap for Tinkerbell. Call 911 for God's sake! How is clapping going to help!

All this was far away from my thoughts when I was doing the one activity that lends itself pretty well to deadline extension. Its all about perception - visual perception, that is. You can wear your unmentionables (why are girls' unmentionables called delicates, anyway?) inside out, in winter you can even wear your Tshirts inside out and no one will notice. But there comes a time when you have to go to bed in the light blue button down Van Heusen shirt, or nothing at all - and that people will notice. After the deed was done, and I was back in my room going through the sorting and folding ritual, I realized that I had an even number of feet. But an odd number of socks.

I had encountered the Sock Monster.

PS: Looking forward to meeting Santa anytime now.


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