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It seems a sign just like this one is posted at some roads in my life. Just bigger, brighter, festooned with neon, if you will.


Am I at fault if things go wrong with the Universe. I do not have that much pull with the Gods of fate. So why should I accept it. Again, why should I yield? Yield to a point where I snap. Which I did.

I'm done listening to accusations, smiling and saying 'its alright' as if nothing happened. I'm done yielding.

Fade to Black

Old Faithful

You were there..
For every joyous kilometer and those tearful miles;
When I was reaching across light years in my loneliness;
When I wished that uno momento would last forever;
When tomorrow couldn't come fast enough;
When today was too good to end;
When a smile needed no reasons;
When sadness existed only for incentive;
When I didn't want to go;
When I was running from my demons;
When the silence meant more than Shakespeare's works;
When four words of French were enough;
When the wind whispered to me;
When Metallica boomed in my ears;
Highways and small lanes;
Aimless drives and road trips;
Boy-racer and Chauffeur;
Six a.m. and Midnight;
The good with the bad..
Thank You..

While we have our separate paths to take here;
And destiny might not let them cross like before;
All I want to do is stare;
Stare wistfully into the rearview;
'Cause the best times lie behind;

Gone Forever.



Long Island Expressway

Am I being near sighted, not looking beyond my own nose when the signs run off into the distance?

Do I fail to see the bigger picture entirely or do I see it, albeit crippled by my shortsightedness?

Is my way of looking at things, my way of thinking, my logic, my reasoning, my ability to deal with things, to handle people, to defuse situations always wrong?