Fade to Black

Old Faithful

You were there..
For every joyous kilometer and those tearful miles;
When I was reaching across light years in my loneliness;
When I wished that uno momento would last forever;
When tomorrow couldn't come fast enough;
When today was too good to end;
When a smile needed no reasons;
When sadness existed only for incentive;
When I didn't want to go;
When I was running from my demons;
When the silence meant more than Shakespeare's works;
When four words of French were enough;
When the wind whispered to me;
When Metallica boomed in my ears;
Highways and small lanes;
Aimless drives and road trips;
Boy-racer and Chauffeur;
Six a.m. and Midnight;
The good with the bad..
Thank You..

While we have our separate paths to take here;
And destiny might not let them cross like before;
All I want to do is stare;
Stare wistfully into the rearview;
'Cause the best times lie behind;

Gone Forever.


Makarand said...

sad kelas panday... athawaN aali BJ7005 chi...

Akshay said...

ho na ... me pan sad hoto mhanunach tar lihila ..

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