Rock 'n' Roll!

13x06 ....

I hate those tiles too ...

E.F.F.I.N.G. Awesome.

Liberal Media Rocks!


Feminism ...

"There is a simple test to find out if a woman is sexist. If they see the phrase white power as racist, ask if they find the phrase girl power sexist. Get them to justify the discrepancy."

another one from the Register Comments section


Growing up ...

You are watching Top Gear with your brother and James May cracks a very dirty but extremely subtle sex joke. You look sideways at him, wondering if he is laughing just because everyone else is. But you also really wish he got it. And you don't know whether to feel relieved because of the former or a strange pride because of the latter.

That is me.

Somewhere outside Satara ....

Courtesy: Parag


Lost in Translation ...

From a Register Comment from a article about a UK - US dictionary

UK -> US
biscuit -> cookie
scone -> biscuit
lump of dough -> scone
fag -> cigarette
gay -> happy
socialist -> communist
whig -> socialist
tory -> democrat
right-wing tory -> republican
green -> tree-hugging
bloke -> buddy
sod -> f*ck
oops -> f*ck
oh -> f*ck
jolly -> f*cking
very -> f*cking
really -> f*cking
quite -> f*cking
guy -> motherf*cker
bloody -> motherf*cking
darn -> motherf*cking
, -> , you know,
. -> , know what I mean?
! -> , man!
nude -> pornographic
nudity -> porn
flat -> apartment
lift -> elevator
chemists -> drug store
loo -> rest room
complain -> sue
chips -> fries
maize -> corn
corn -> grain
coffee -> espresso
tepid water -> coffee
cold water -> beer
tipsy -> drunk
drunk -> plastered
pissed -> dead drunk
annoyed -> pissed
irate -> postal
nice -> cool
cool -> cold
cold -> freezing
snow -> snow storm
drizzle -> rain storm
rain -> flood warning
light breeze -> wind storm
windy -> hurricane
foreign weather -> sunshine
brolly -> umbrella
telly -> TV
umpire -> referee
bowler -> pitcher
football -> soccer


Life. Is. Good.

Nothing more to say right now.



Bring out your smug smiles.


The key

To Whomsoever it may concern,

This is something I had to come up with very last minute and very hurriedly, so please forgive the extreme lameness.

But what went inside is really from the heart.

Happy Birthday.



Sometimes it is just so hard to state the obvious.
(and I do not mean the answer to 'Does this dress make me look fat?')

But you chip away at the matter, careful to only take it away piece by piece, hoping, trying to avoid the big blow. But sometimes, that is not always the best strategy.

The flip side is that one really can't be sure which was the way to go until you look back after its all over.

I, however have shifted the thinking a little. Decided to give it a push. Let's see how it goes.

In other news, I find the Sony Ericsson default ringtone more than a little irritating these days.


ahh ToI .. what would we do without you?

I don't think proof reading is a dying art.
It is dead.