Stay Classy, Shaadi.com

Actually, I would totally marry a girl who could do Darth Vader impressions.


AGW as Religion

Saw this comment in this Telegraph Article.

Makes so much sense.
Which is why its scary.


Musical Reflection

When your music preferences go from listening to 'Take Away My Pain' in an endless loop to 'Hold Me Tight' ... you know you are in a positive mood.



Not an Idea

So Idea has gotten one more ad out on its dubious social change platform.

Few points.
Its very very annoying to read a newspaper or a magazine on a mobile phone screen. Have they ever tried it? Which is precisely the reason why everybody and their uncle is out unveiling e-book readers at CES.

Most of the phones shown are iPhones.
Idea doesn't even carry the iPhone.
Airtel does.

Maybe next time an ad with more than 10 minutes of brainstorming, eh?


Anatomical Correctness

DNA realises, 32 minutes later that 'boobs' is rather inappropriate for a National Newspaper.

But anyway ... a rose by any another name ...