Velvet Glove, Iron Fist

Dear La Presidenta,

Congratulations on the Sukhoi Flight. It seems you pulled 2G. Well done indeed.

But I see this photo of yours on the front page, and immediately notice only one thing.

I mean, I know we are all going through this hypocritical austerity phase. But then, you are the holiest of the holy cows. Surely, you could have dipped into the exchequer for a pair of new, clean gloves. Perhaps in your size too.

Just Saying.

[Image: ToI]

And so it is ...

Its been a while that I have written something personal here. Not that I haven't noticed it till now, but somehow there was never anything I felt like writing. Though as such, there was a lot to write about.

But yesterday, while chatting with Sudnya, she happened to mention it. I retorted with 'you should be the one to talk' and she replied on the lines of .. 'I'm not so interesting when I'm peaceful / happy. That's where I usually rant'.

So, I thought for a moment, and I realised, that its more or less true for me too. For the first time in many months, I feel happy. Its not that happiness is an emotion which prevents you from displaying your feelings. Far from it. The difference lies in the fact that there are people around me now. I can talk, I can laugh and I can share. All person to person, without resorting to this medium.

So in a way, its a good thing that this place has been empty for a while. Because it means that I haven't. Its a good thing that my phone bill exceeds my rent bill because that's my outlet now.

Which also means that I devote this place to criticizing Hrithik Roshan ads.
Like this.

Yes, we know the secret ingredient of any good cookie is 'Love'. But not when the word before that is 'making'. On the same counter! Disgusting!


Happy Birthday

What can we say but Happy Birthday!
The whole world is grateful.



So everyday while walking back you see a black Punto and a black Swift parked opposite each other on a side street.

The scene always reminds you why, regardless of her quirks and foibles, and the obvious superiority of the other, you always fall for the pretty girl..

Hope Fiat doesn't lose it this time.


Pre-paid Piper

Perhaps the good people at Reliance are not familiar with what happened after the interval in the Pied Piper story.

Yes, that's right.

Instead of filing a breach of contract lawsuit like any good man swindled by The State would, he kidnaps the town's children. And as if that wasn't enough he discriminates against the disabled kid.

In keeping with my previous views, yes, he still needs a haircut and a shave.
And oh yeah, Napoleon called. He wants his coat back.


Just watched Pirate Radio last night.
Two words.


That boat really rocked.
The sixties were an amazing time to be alive in, apparently.

Can't wait for the 'real' Radio now.


Afternoon Drowsiness

Monday Again.
The disturbed sleep cycle of the past two days tries to wobble into normalcy today.
But it takes its time.