The Problem With Bridges

Burning bridges,
is that the solution?
Spans collapse,
but will that
sever the connection?

I can erase
all the conversations
permanently, irreversably
but will i
ever really forget?

You can throw
all the mementos
deny their existence
but will you
recycle old memories?

I can wear
new sweaters
appear to be happy
but will i
feel warm inside?

You can surrender
all emotions
pretend not to care
but will you
learn to ignore?

I can tear
the receipts
into tiny pieces
but will i
void the purchases?

You can look
in the mirror,
not see the glint
but will you
stop noticing?

I can walk
long hours alone
lost in thought
but will i
think something else?

You can dry
all the tears
wash your face
but will you
purge your thoughts?

At least forks on the road
converge when you reverse.
The problem with bridges
is they have to be rebuilt,
or forgotten. Eventually. 

~ Me.


Hrishi said...

WOW. This is really good. Touches the right spots.

Have been reading your older posts. Find them quite interesting.


Akshay said...

Thanks. Glad you liked it.

Dagny said...


Akshay said...

thanks :)

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