You had me at 'Hello'

Like most of you, I prefer to have some music playing in the background when I am working. But then, sometimes I get bored of all the songs I have on the laptop and Pandora plays the same thing over and over again and the radio has ads for Mahindra tractors (true!).

Then, I put on some movie which just plays in the background while I go about my way. Goes without saying that the movie must not be thought provoking or engaging or nice in any way. Basically it must be unwatchable. Enter Bollywood.

Oh how I was mistaken!!!


OK.. so I filled in some thought bubbles but the first 2 frames are true. I swear!


Dagny said...

last.fm dude!!!!

mak said...

'bore wo hote hai... jo bore hote hai' hya 'dileg' la me streaming banda karun takla. probably, the only time i have quit watching a video having the Kat woman in the frame :P

Akshay said...

I have to conclude that the 'aapka boredom ... ?' dileg that Salman spouts is not directed at her at all, but at the audience. Perhaps you had something better to do. I didn't.. :( ..

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