From bad to worse

It happens suddenly. One moment your life is going on as it does, you think it could not possibly get worse. So obviously it does. Perhaps there is a rule somewhere that fate adheres to. Of striking you when the chips are down.

Its things like these that drive a person over the edge. You imagine human beings as resilient creatures, with deep reserves of patience and perseverance but it takes one little incident to throw that picture out of the window.

Especially when this has happened to you before - at one time, twice in a month - you begin to think that fate has nothing to do with it. "Its my fault", says your subconscious but you don't want to believe it. You know it just happened. But did it?

These are things you keep to yourself. No one talks about it. Its never out in the open. You just carry on like nothing has happened and smile and bob your head. But for what? Why this pretense?

I wish these things would never happen to anybody.

Because its really very annoying when one side of the headphones dies on you.


mak said...


the one headfone that we three shared at Sasken was the most loyal headfone we ever had. it never died on us.
ye alag baat hai ki, it used to produce a load of extra frequencies :P

Akshay said...

hehe ... true true ... remember the Post-its stuck on it?

mak said...

aah, mang! the Great Applied Signal Processing Research Lab apparatus... [:D]

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