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Much has been said and written about the apathy of youth. They don't care about their country, couldn't be bothered about the environment and have an atrocious taste in music. I know, I am one of them. To be honest, I agree with points #1 and 3 (Linkin Park? really?) but point #2 has me thinking. Albeit involuntarily, the youth do contribute to saving the environment.

I mean, back in the day it wasn't a pressing need to save the environment that made us share a ride to college but a simple desire to maximise canteen money while keeping the loss of mobility to a minimum. And The Bong must have really been the scraping the bottom of the proverbial barrel when he agreed to sit behind me, when we did the 15 min record dash from SCOE to Parihar Chowk on my Kinetic, arriving cleanly shaven and white knuckled. Then there are books. In school, for every subject we had a classwork notebook, a homework notebook and a composition notebook, plus about a dozen textbooks and a calendar. In engineering college it came down to one notebook - if that and textbooks which one invariably bought second hand (always buy one owned by a girl because they highlight all the important stuff). Reduce and recycle. In four years of engineering I alone must have saved about an acre of rainforest.

Which brings me to the one subject for which I had made a separate notebook. One subject which I did not ever bunk and could always be seen frantically taking notes. I paid so much attention that for once the 50 guys out-attentioned the 3 girls in class. If someone tapped my shoulder to say something I would get pissed off and give them dirty looks. And joy of joys! The fruit of my labour is not lost as I had feared. Apparently it survived the transcription into a word document, 3 different computers and a couple of DVD burns, as I found the small folder hidden in forgotten backup folder on my external drive.

So here I present, once again, the best of PSP
  1. Certain amount of work done is done
  2. Whatever amount of grasping here is to be reproduced at the time of exam
  3. In Poona there is certain amount of height difference is there
  4. We are sending letters to parents for safer side of ours
  5. Always we are preparing substraction (sic) between these two values
  6. Whenever we have addition certain amount of contradiction we are getting
  7. In practice we are having atmosphere acting on surface of earth
  8. Whatever amount of pipe connection is there, at bottom we are getting connection
  9. The liquid flowing may be of liquid state or it may be of various gases or it may be of liquid state
  10. This is the law of zeroth law of thermodynamics
  11. Whatever amount of heat addition is there that amount of utilisation is there if no other lossesses are there
  12. Can you have calculators
  13. If you touch coil you are getting much more hotter on the inside
  14. Whatever amount of airs from both sides are there are kept as it is
  15. We are having certainly a amount of work done to be done in this
  16. This the law of ENERGY OF CONSERVATION
  17. In book also certain amount of jumbling is there
  18. Certain persons are thinking in fashion that I want a work but I am not spending energy
  19. Machines are drived by a single engine
  20. Initially I had not said anything; Lastly question paper is given
  21. Whatever amount of matter is flowing through it that is flowing through entire system
  22. Power is morely transmitted
  23. With the help of certain amount of hammer we are hammering on it
  24. We are having certain amount of jamming, so not to happen it, we are giving certain amount of taper on it
  25. We are preparing certain amount of section on this tooth which is called as tooth
  26. These tooths are certainly inclined so that contacting area is certainly increased
  27. One more important another is there
  28. Thirdly, number Fourth, Heat exchanger
  29. Today, class is of full of strength
  30. Fire tube boilers are generated to 25 bar
  31. Don't jumble in between fire tube and water tube
  32. When they are preparing cream and other arrangement in milk industry
  33. Rope is (a) belt of round configuration
  34. There are certain amount of advantages over disadvantages

(who would have thought that a lecture about friction and ways to reduce it would degenerate into eroticism)
  1. Two muffs are separated in two separate halves
  2. We are having a bush and in the soft material we are inserting the shaft
  3. In between the shaft the balls are placed
  4. We want to press the balls on the shaft
For the record, the subject was Elements of Mechanical Engineering (EME). A subject which proved quite entertaining all the way to the end of the exam and the ride home, thanks to The Bong - a story for another time.


mak said...

:D :D :D
you have just converted my Dolby working day to one of our Sasken working days... after reading this, I don't think i'll be able to work! doch, surely worth it :)
in fact, me aata 'MMJ is so dark that...' shodhnare...
maybe, you can come up with a post on that series as well!

Akshay said...

hehe ... this 'matrial' deserves to be shared with the whole world...

And 'MMJ is so <beep> that... ' is on the cards ... but have to make it very politically correct now ... [:P]

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