Storms, Teacups and Uttappas

It just occurred to me that if I ever go to Mumbai to sit for the Railway Recruitment Board Exam, I would have the shit beaten out of me on account of my last name. And if I protested my innocence by producing my school certificates, the fact that I went to a Jesuit school and scored more in Hindi than Marathi, would probably get me lynched.

There goes one career.

And the less said about being a pilot, the better.

Amidst these negatives, there is one ray of light.

When I was five, I really wanted to be a road-roller driver. The power to render most things as flat as an uttappa has a certain attraction at that age. Plus, it occurs to me now - that industry doesn't have any downturns, not in Pune.


mak said...

panday asun puNyat rahun Bishops madhe schooling... chk chk chk... if only you knew about Raj back then! lagech JPP madhe prawesh ghetla astas :P

ani thinking more, tula punyatun haklun dila tar UP madhe pan basel tujhi... coz you are pandAy and you cannot speak bhayya hindi.

Akshay said...

Bishops!! ... damn you ...

Dagny said...

Werent you in Loyola?
JJP walyaan sathi... saglya convent same-ach...

mak said...

oh sorry sorry... my mishtake... :P
Loyola, of course... :)

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