A change of heart

Over the years, the only significant bit of writing I had done was in the mandatory essays one has to regurgitate in the Xth and XIIth exams. But even so, writing Science: Blessing or Curse? in three languages over the course of three years is not really taxing the 'creative' in the creative writing stakes. Especially when Navneet Digest is where you draw inspiration from.

Then there were times when a few friends tried to get me to blog. Resignedly, I signed up to blogger, filled in the profile, even contributed to a team post... but much like certain small car projects in certain hinterlands, the effort was abandoned leaving behind a profile whose password I no longer remember. And that was that, I thought.

Then a few months ago, tending to my newfound hobby of playing with Photoshop, I uploaded a sunset to flickr and added a few lines as a description. Apparently, that was quite profound and moving and I got the Panday! Start writing a blog!! line again. 'Hmmm' thought I, 'what the hell. Its free anyways.' So I did a hatchet copy-paste job, hit 'Publish Post' and felt a strange sense of satisfaction. Gradually, I thought of making a sort of photoblog, where I would publish a few photos now and then and write poignant, moving prose that was stuffed with more meaning than my laundry bag and tinged with wit and sarcasm and what not. But while Passion and Ambition may work (or not) as motorcycle names, they didn't really work between me and poignant, moving prose.

But today I realised that the problem was that I had envisioned it as a photoblog. I don't always have a photo that I can wax eloquent over and nor do I lug around the camera as much as I would like to. But bigger than that is the fact that I discovered I actually like this thing. I like writing about random things even though I may not have a picture for those thousand words.

So this will just be a regular blog from now on, but not in the regular gasoline sense. Will try to write about this and that and more importantly, shift the focus away from me and my melancholy and the general negativity that seems to surround me.

PS: I frequently use a lot of commas and ever since I saw that scene in Shattered Glass, I have become very conscious. Do I really use a lot?


Dagny said...

Yeah, its okay to ramble on your own blog once in a while. Most people do JUST that.

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