For Moral Policing

I have a confession to make. I watched this. And I don't know why, so lets skip the questions.

Anyway, skipping the usual comments and discussions regarding displays of affection and cohabitation arrangements, there is one thing which I want to seriously comment about.
  • There is a scene in which the guy gets a kid to do something for him by bribing him with a Halo3 pack. Now, that kid couldn't be more than 9-10 years old and Halo3 is rated 'M17+' by the ESRB. Doesn't the scene deserve a wagging finger by the censor board? In my opinion it is no different if the kid was offered a Camel Lights or a Hustler to run the errand. These game ratings are not taken very seriously anywhere and a couple of years here and there might be ok but a portrayal on screen should have been avoided. Especially since the guy is shown to be a Microsoft Employee and Xbox is a corporate sponsor of the movie [here]. Apparently, the criteria for choosing the two games were based on the fact that these were the most popular games in the character’s eyes.
    Maybe it can't be a legal issue because India does not have a system for rating games yet, but surely moral and corporate responsibility should have stepped in.
And there a couple of things which I want to comment not so seriously about.
  • The irritating overuse of English words peppered over sentences to make it 'cool'. Why is it so fashionable to use 'wait' in place of 'intezaar' all the time!

  • The movie begins when the protagonist is 17 years old - just completed the XII board exams the voiceover informs us - and ends when he is 30. In all those years, he doesn't age a day. He is either a baby faced 30 year old or was a very mature looking teenager - take your pick. Also, he has relationships which he breaks off for what could be termed 'moving on'. This not aging and moving on business has me convinced that he is the other John Oldman. Bachna Ae Haseeno ... The Man From Earth has arrived.


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