Lost for Words

I agree that most English teachers are African dictators, but without the diamond trade and the gun running and I have experienced my fair share of tyrants. They even drove us to chant, 'We don't need no [sic] Education'. But I don't think even the most hated one deserves to see his/her student spell 'then' as 'den'.

I understand internet lingo and TLAs - 'brb' and 'wtf' are a part of my vocabulary too. It may even be possible to convince me of the relative merit of spelling 'you' as 'u', but 'then' and 'den' do not even share a common pronunciation. So why! Is punching one extra key such an effort?

And really, if optimizing the language is your mission, let it reflect in your programming. Leave English alone. The words you use say a lot more about you than you think.

Also on the list:

friend - fren
where - wer
there - der
this - dis

*No picture today - but wanted to say this for a long long time.


Vivek said...

Nice one -
I think more than the effort its the "sound hip" factor that drives people to start using such lingo

Few more additives to your list :)
are - r
and - n
you are - ur
what - wat/wot/vot ...

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