Open Letter

Dear Toilet Cleaner Manufacturers,

You really spare no expense or creativity to come up with some of the best advertisements on Indian television. I mean, showing before and after shots of a (once) dirty toilet is sheer genius. Then there are those with your host visiting said dirty toilet's home with camera crew and getting reactions from satisfied customers. That is sheer genius with a cherry on top.

But hear me out here. How about not playing those ads on prime time TV, say between 8pm-10pm, because, you know, most people have dinner during that time. I don't know about you, but the sight of a dirty loo just as I am about to shove the next tasty morsel into my mouth unnerves me a bit. I mean, I know where all that rajma is going to end up eventually, but I'd rather not think about it right now.

How many customers do you think you gain by this? I certainly will never even consider picking up your product when I am in the market. You spoil my dinner, I don't buy your stuff. Simple.

So here's an idea. Pull those ads. Instead allocate that budget to 'adopting' the toilets on the Railway Station, Bus Stand, etc. Feel free to display your wares, slap your posters all over the place. But keep them as clean as the 'after' pictures in your ads. That would create a positive impression and people would appreciate it. And next time I go to the store, I would remember to buy your brand.



mak said...

quite a nice idea to end with...
but the adopted toilets won't be toll-free, like all the public toilets in western europe, and most people (including me) donot like that idea. side effect: toilets will remain clean, and unused, while the roadside will get, err, muddy :P

Akshay said...

Why can't they be toll free?
Prime time ads on the major channels cost upwards of a few lakhs for 10 seconds ..

If you forfeit that amount and instead adopt the loo at the Pune Railway Station (for instance) .. that much cash can keep it going for a few months at least ..

There will still be people who will make the roadside 'muddy' .. but the ones who have sense to not do that will at least get a better experience out of it..

Just a thought.

Shrinath said...

This issue has been addressed in newspapers like sakal etc.. but of no use!
But.. very well written Akshay!

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