Pigs on the Wing ...


I am standing in line at the checkout counter at the grocery store, with my two packets of chips and a block of paneer. Third in line.

The nice couple at the counter have finished billing their million items and then proceed to have an extremely educated discussion with the clerk about whether the brand of Basmati Rice they bought is VFM.

Ten minutes.

There is a lady with a small kid in front of me. Both wearing masks. All of us are getting fidgety now.

I check my watch again.

Right next to where I am standing, is a stack of discount agarbattis for sale.

I have been sensitive to agarbattis since I was a kid.

I sneeze.

Woman in front looks at me with sheer terror in her eyes.

She grabs the kid and moves to the furthest counter just as the couple decide that their Basmati is actually the best.

I move in and place my goods on the counter.




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