Espousing the inExplicable

People familiar with Applied Mechanics or App Mech as its known, will doubtlessly remember the brutal manner in which the subject mowed down students with the sadistic, cruel efficiency of the Grim Reaper during a cholera epidemic.

But its not just the subject that is totally incomprehensible and baffling. It starts in this case, with the first page.

What a masterpiece of seemingly senseless alliteration. An enduring edifice encompassing embarrassingly ersatz expedient eulogies, if I may say so myself.


mak said...

how come i missed this one?!
maybe i was using 'nirali' and not techmax in FE... JSKatre cha uday vaycha hota FE madhe!!

Dagny said...


Akshay said...

Apparently its a new book, wasn't around in our days. But the word vomit is breathtaking.

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