All that glitters ...

We sometimes have a funny way with metaphors. What exactly do they mean?
Most days I have been accused of having a heart of stone. Some people have been known to have a heart of gold. One is supposed to be bad and the other is a very good thing. Why so?
Both are hard (relatively), cold to the touch and a hundred percent inorganic. Sure, gold is malleable and stone isn't (maybe sometimes brittle), but that's not enough to put them on opposite ends of the scale.
The only thing that justifies the extremes of perception is the rarity and assigned monetary value. But who said that everything that is rare is necessarily good ... or vice versa.

I may be like everyone else .. but I ain't so bad, you know.


Snigdha Shevade said...

Are you justifying being different?? :-O

How I wish I could be cold and rock solid!! :-)

Btw.. How does it matter if others consider you good or bad!! Are you trying to impress or better prove a point to someone here?? ;-) :-P

Akshay said...

No no .. nothing like that ... was just thinking that day about the expressions 'heart of gold' and 'heart of stone'.

Well ... in a way it does matter. We can't live alone (even if we try to convince ourselves that we do) and when social interaction comes in, then what others think of you does matter. Depends how much, but you can't write it off entirely either.

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