Living Dangerously


Dagny said...

who the heck agreed to sitting behind and taking the video!
I am *soooo* glad I never had to sit behind you on your bike... :D

Akshay said...

That's my bro driving ..

and he is also one of those who is scared of sitting behind me ... :P

mak said...

this ain't pandays for sure!
2-3 cars zoom past the bike... which is impossible in city traffic. at one point an unicorn (rider and pillion) goes past... which is... err... hmm.

mak said...

and sudnya, you have sat behind me on my bike, its not that different from sitting behind pandays [:P]

Akshay said...

Yes, its not that different, but the slight difference arises because I am faster. [:P]

Plus, I have a better power to weight ratio .. [:D]

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