Doping Dilemma

This thing adorning the skyline has caught my eye many times and as I wait for the lights to turn green, I wonder what exactly it is they were trying to say - and sell.
  • It is a secure hideout for druggies - but then it should say 'demands'
  • It is a secure hideout for druggies and this hoarding is an order directed at the people who run the place.
  • Since it is not an official venue for anything, doping is fine.
  • Other housing societies routinely conduct dope tests and its getting to be quite meddlesome. They don't - and that is their USP.
Other than implicit support for doping, I don't see what else this hoarding is trying to say. Perhaps it is something related to intrinsic semiconductors. But still, how is it going to help sell apartments?


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