After lots of dilly dallying around, I finally made my way to an Ophthalmologist. So turns out what I initially dismissed as 'staring at the screen' is an eye inflammation due to an allergic reaction.

Also, when reassessing my power, I was blown away by how little I can see out of my left eye. Classic seeing-double-when-drunk-as-portrayed-in-movies double. What I have to do is wait out this inflammation and then get it checked again. A week of eye drops and that should do it, apparently.

So why am I typing this out here.

The eye drops.

How appropriately ironic.


Dagny said...

I notice a pattern here.... all geeks who spend a lot of time in front of the laptop/TV seem to damage their left eye much more than the right one. I dont understand why! :(

damianABBA said...

Hey there's a site like FML but where visitors tell their darkest secrets :) it's really funny: www.whatasecret.com

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