Because objects in the rearview appear closer than they are....

So we are almost halfway through june, halfway through the year. Just spent 30 mins cleaning up my other gmail inbox, specifically, the chat histories, and boy does it feel good. You have never truly moved away while it is still visible in the rearview.

On the whole these six months have been better than the last ... and I hope this trend continues.

While I am typing this, the cloud cover gathers in the hope of an impending shower. 'June skies' was the phrase ... a long time ago. It means nothing to me now.



Manasi said...

ON the whole... [snicker snicker]
this is pay back!! [huge gin]

Akshay said...

:D .. how did i miss that! you are going to have a field day .. damn!

Manasi said...

i feel like a kid in a candy store!! :) you are soooooo never going to hear the end of this one! :)

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