Total Recall, not

So it happened that during the course of the weekend, I watched a movie that I had already seen. Nothing unusual there, except both times it was rather involuntary.

However, this time my mind was blank as I divided my time between the movie and finishing the last hundred pages of my book. Well, that was true of the last time too. Just a half-hearted attempt at watching the movie, trying to outdo the last comment and surreptitiously glancing to the side when the screen brightened a notch.

But on Thursday evening, I did not think about the last time I had watched the same scenes. Not once did fake Sony voice recorders, palak-batata, epaulets, chocolate mousse or eating wada sambar left-handed enter my mind.

Not once.

It was only later that I thought, 'Holy Crap! That just happened!'

That movie was Fanaa.


Snigdha Shevade said...

Where are you located currently?? Your references indicate you must be in India but your profile says you are in USA!!!! :-O

Akshay said...

:) I thought the references were pretty transparent ... !

But yes, the profile is kinda out of date. Will update .. :P

Snigdha Shevade said...

Wah wah!!! Happy realisation!!! :-D

Now just the action part of changing the profile remains!!! Heh ha!! :-D

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