Back and Forth

My pathological inability to throw away old stuff is manifested in the totally unused 'Shift+Del' combination on my laptop. Stuff that no longer is relevant, just like being consigned to the lower shelves of the cupboard manages to get burned onto a disc and relegated to permanent storage. Is it any wonder that at last count I had 554 movies on 225 discs or that my gmail storage has consistently been about 80% full as far back as I can remember ....

While I prefer to blame my genes (and I have plenty of evidence to back me up), there is no running away from wading through the clutter for something important or the humongous clean up job that looms when the shit hits the fan. So it was that I set about deleting stuff from my inbox. Clearing out old mails that are no longer relevant, drafts that are never going to be sent and conversations that are better off in the trash wasn't such a big deal. Once before, when faced with an ultimatum to delete, I had even registered a new ID and forwarded all the conversations there. Probably its just as well that I don't remember the password now.

So anyway, I chanced upon a conversation from a long long time ago, and I couldn't help but smile. Yes, you'll probably think both parties have the mental age of a 5 year old (and that is true sometimes, won't blame you there) but nevertheless, it was just impromptu and fun. This was way back in the past, and there have been so many after that.

Rest assured, there are somethings I will never delete ...
M: dozed off??!!
Me: scope
M: wide
Me: screen
Me: cabinet
M: joey!!
Me: kangaroo!
M: austrailia
Me: fosters
M: mug
Me: shot
M: doctor
Me: quack
M: duck
Me: hunt
M: helen
Me: troy
M: brad .....?!
Me: mr smith
M: angelina
Me: marianne
M: french
Me: wine
M: red
Me: shawshank
M: prison
Me: stripes
M: zebra
Me: discovery
M: earth
Me: 1947
M: aamir :)
Me: innova
M: role
Me: lead
M: pencil
Me: HB
M: 2B
Me: or not 2B?
M: stuttering parrot
M: !
continue na...
Me: (how is stuttering parrot related to hamlet)
M: (if u hv read "the mystery of the stutterin parrot" !!)
Me: ok ...
treasure island
M: pirates
Me: silicon valley
M: (??)
Me: (pirates of silicion valley - movie about bill gates, etc)
M: (ok)
Me: (there is potentially no end to this)
M: (hehe..but its fun)
Me: drivers
M: accidents
Me: serendipity
M: fortune
Me: seeker
M: endless
Me: space
M: jam
Me: dravid
M: tamil
Me: rassam
M: rice
Me: jeera
It's ironic where the conversation ended. Or just profoundly prophetic. Either way, the last few items have featured in more conversations than I can remember and have been an endless source of humor, leg pulling, exasperation and death threats. But mostly humor.

May the rhyme outlive the reason ...


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