Let not your Light be Darkness

Let not your Light be Darkness

Being asked for advice brings with it an onerous sense of responsibility. A person trusts you enough to trust your judgment and makes a decision partly based on your thoughts, your insight, your way of thinking. If they do follow your advice and make certain decisions, does it follow that you are accountable for your words. With your limited experience and probably one sided view of the situation it is very likely that your advice is not very high quality.

Its not a big deal when the advice relates to 'What book should I read?' or 'What camera should I buy?' but sometimes it is. A very big deal indeed.


Snigdha Shevade said...

True indeed! But you do not answer the unsaid question that emerges from this post - What is then a prerequisite to advice when asked for?

p.s: Nice blog!! :-) I loved the comic strips below!! :-D

Akshay said...

Yes, there is the larger question but as many things in life go, we'll never know until its over.

And yes, thanks a lot!

Snigdha Shevade said...

still the question is unanswered!! ;-) :-D

do check my blog. it'd be great to improve on my writing following the comments from a good writer (claimed by dagny too!!)

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